Barber Motorsports Park 7/7/18. A great gathering of European, Japanese, and American muscle!

We had our hands full this weekend with brake fluid flushes, oil line fixes, in-car video rentals, tire pressure analysis reports, and the list goes on. The GTR (above) got one of our go-pro’s mounted under the rear window for great view of the driver, ,steering wheel, and track. We also did a full tire pressure analysis for the GTR’s shoes: A set of Toyo R888’s. I won’t give away the hot pressure secrets, but I will say that the R888 is a very consistent and well developed tire 😉

The Jaguar F-Type R got our AIM Smarty Cam for in-car video with data overlay, and AIM Solo for track lap data – a great driver improvement combo for the serious and experienced driver.


The “White Beast”, a Camaro Z28 racecar, pulled in for an oil leak issue on the second day. Thanks to it’s NASCAR style side exit exhaust I now know not to stand so close when it fires up haha! Eventually we sorted the oil leak and drove it back to the owner, after a quick learning curve of the on/off button one would call a clutch :O

Both the GT3 RS and the Corvette Z06 got our tire pressure analysis treatment which resulted in “a more planted feel”, less tire wear, and “did my best lap time today”. Of course we love to hear that positive feedback from our customers.

Not your everyday garden variety roadrace cars made an appearance as well :O The Superlite in the Sunset Pearlish color was an neck turner for sure. Then there is the 1969 AMX, well kind of an AMX… Turns out this “muscle car” is actually an AMX body creatively placed on top of a BMW Z3 chassis. WHAT??? is right.. It was a sight to behold! Either way, it performed well on the track and looked good doing it. CorsaCrew gives it a thumbs up.

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