Are you planning to hop on the North Georgia rollercoaster August 18-19 with Chin Trackdays? If not, YOU SHOULD!

CORSACREW will be there and set up in a blue tent across from the Chin Trailer. IMG_3521

We will have all of our rental equipment available including the Apex Pro (requires an iPhone or Samsung phone)! Right now you can try an Apex Pro free for one session! You can also rent it for the weekend, and if you decide to buy one, your rental fee will be knocked off of the purchase price! To reserve your rental or purchase, call 662-299-1821 or email corsacrewrace@gmail.comIMG_9955

As always, we will be set up to take care of any track-side mechanical work for you! We service all makes and models, street cars and race cars! Brake pads/rotors, fluid flush, tire rotations, in-depth problem diagnosis, and more. Most important to us is keeping you on the track and getting the most out of your track time!

Trying to dial in that hot tire pressure? Want to know if those camber settings are actually working for you? Did you answer yes to either of these questions? Then you need to check out our Tire Pressure Analysis Service!


One session of our tire pressure analysis will guarantee you are getting maximum grip and life out of your tires! It comes with a full report that shows you optimal cold starting tire pressures and optimal hot tire pressures, which you can use at multiple tracks. From our data report, you will be able to see how your current suspension settings are working for you.

TPA Service Report






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