Arrive & Drive Reservation

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Black Camaro ZL1 1LE (Manual) Arrive and Drive Track Car Rental

GET BACK ON TRACK SPECIAL!!! (limited time only) $1959/day - $2999/wknd - Add a co-driver for FREE and split cost with them!

Prices include: delivery to racetrack, paddock setup with drinks/snacks tent and chairs, trackside support (tire rotations, fuel, tire pressures, video/data support), Apex Pro data aquisition, GoPro Video, taxes and fees. *Trackday insurance not included. You must show proof of trackday insurance to complete booking. We provide trackday insurance if needed.

Lap our 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE. Fully track prepped with AP Racing Brakes, Sparco Racing Seats, OMP Harnesses, track alignment, and 200 tread wear track day tires.

SAVE! – Two drivers can split the cost and register for day or weekend together (must be same run group). Group rates (3 or more drivers) are available by request.
Combined with our SmartyCam data overlay video camera, we will capture your epic track footage with speed, track map, and lap time on display!
Available at all of our scheduled track events, and by request can be available at track event of your choice.

Minimum Driver Level Requirement: INTERMEDIATE - ADVANCED



Vehicle and Race Track Damage Disclaimer

You the renter are responsible for full compensation of any damages to vehicles or race track during your rental period. Corsa Crew, LLC will not be held reliable for any damages to race tracks or track rental cars during your rental period. A waiver must be signed before any track rental car agreement can be completed. Trackday insurance does cover each vehicle in full with a 10% deductable and covers track damage costs.

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