Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and did a great job figuring out the right tire pressures and temps to make me go faster and stick to the track. I highly recommended hiring him for the weekend.

Tripp Norwood

Joseph and the crew are super responsive and always there to get the job done. Always a great experience with their service.

David Yatcher

personal customer service and technical expertise. a great way to offload some track day dirty-work!

Mark Hicks – Chin Trackdays

Joseph was awesome … I rented a Smarty Cam from them at Road Atlanta this past weekend.. Well worth the cost , Ive got some awesome videos… Wish I had also took advantage of their track support especially for dialing in tire pressure…
Thanks so much again Joe

George Denliker

CorsaCrew was awesome at our weekend at Barber! Joseph did a full tire pressure analysis and helped us shave about 5 seconds off our lap times. He was very helpful with the SmartyCam mounts too!

Caton Oswalt

This is a great crew! They performed great service on my S2000 and got me scheduled so that I didn’t miss any sessions at Barber while my brake pads were changed.

Pete McCarty

Big Thank You! to Joseph with Corsa Crew. I recently rented the Aim System and Smarty Cam from Corsa Crew while at Road Atlanta with Chin Motorsports. Joseph had to leave the track early, but he was good enough to trust me to use the equipment the rest of the weekend and leave it with the crew at Chin, In addition he spent nearly an hour with me on a web conference explaining how to use the Aim analysis tools, and showing me where I can pick up seconds on the lap. If I can do what he directs I should be able to shave at least two seconds off my lap times the next time I’m there. I’ve also used Corsa Crew to help manage my tire pressures in the past. Joseph doesn’t just take care of the pressures, he teaches you what he is doing and why. I’m getting much better life out of my tires as a result. Excellent people, Excellent product, and Excellent service!

Roy Hutcheson