Track Equipment Rentals

You have the talent, we have the equipment!

Rent From Our Full Line Of Video Cameras and GPS Lap Timers Today. No or Low Deposit. Ship or Pick Up. Professional Racing Equipment. Extraordinary Service.  Nation Wide Delivery. Shipped Straight to You. Free Return Shipping.

Fill out the form below to rent a AIM Smarty Cam, AIM Solo, Apex Pro, or Go-Pro Action Camera! Devices arrive to you one day prior to your event. Once finished with device, use the box and shipping label that it came in to ship it back.


*For Local Track Events (Road Atlanta & Barber Motorsports Park): If you are renting a device for an event at Road Atlanta or Barber, we will deliver the device to the track. Just send your request to and we will set you up.

Apex Pro Digital Driving Coach

If you’re a driver who wants to improve, then APEX is a must-have tool.  It’s inexpensive, compact, and easy to use. It provides immediate feedback and a unique way of reviewing your laps afterward on your iPhone or Android. Download the app for free! Click here for device details


One Session – Try it for free! (local events only)
Rent Day – $30 (local events only)
Rent Weekend – $50
Purchase – $449

HD Video with Data Overlay (SmartyCam HD 2.1)

This HD video camera is mounted to the windshield or roll cage to capture driver technique and car behavior, while displaying vital replay information such as Speed, track position, G-forces, lap times, and more! Use it as a critical driver feedback tool, or show it off online!
– We provide the windshield or roll cage mount, and in-car charger. Viewing your video is simple! Just put the SD card into your laptop or tv and watch instantly.    Click here for device detail

One Session – $50 (local events only)
Day – $100 (local events only)
Weekend – $150
Purchase – $1199 -includes GPS antennae and Windshield or Rollcage Ram Mount (specify in checkout)-

GPS Lap Timer (AIM Solo)

The AIM Solo displays and records speed, accelerations, braking… all of the data you need while racing. Then you can review your data immediately after each session via RaceStudio software. Device Info
To include all of your vehicles sensor data, upgrade to the Solo DL (below).


AIM Solo Rental Pricing:
One Session – $15 (local events only)
Day – $35 (local events only)
Weekend – $50
Purchase – $399

GPS Lap Timer + OBDII Data (AIM Solo DL)

Along with being a GPS lap timer and data acquisition device, the DL version plugs into your OBDII port to log the vehicle’s sensors (rpm, brake pressure, throttle position, etc.), and can be combined with the SmartyCam to display these values onto your track video. Device Info

AIM Solo(DL) Rental Pricing:(+50 for optional data report)
One Session – $35 (local events only)
Day – $50 (local events only)
Weekend – $75
Purchase – $699

GoPro HD Video

This action camera can be mounted just about anywhere to capture those thrilling moments on the track! 


GoPro Pricing:
One Session – $15 (local events only)
Day – $35 (local events only)
Weekend – $50