Track Day Video & Data Device & Helmet Demos

You have the talent, we have the equipment! Corsa Crew offers track day equipment demos at any of our scheduled events, so you can try out the equipment prior to purchase. Our demos include:

Track Video with Data Overlay

$40/Session, $100/Day, $150/wknd

Get your speed, RPM, track GPS, lap time, and more overlaid on video instantly! Makes a perfect session review tool. (AIM Smartycam) 

Go Pro HD Action Camera

$10/Session, $40/Day, $65/wknd

Capture all the excitement with our Go Pro HD Action Cameras that can be mounted inside or outside of vehicle in various locations)

GPS Lap Timer/Data Acquisition

$10/Session, $40/Day, $65/wknd

Displays rolling or predictive lap times live on screen while recording g-force, speed, and track position. Allows for in-depth data review and theoretical best lap. (Aim SOLO)


$40/Session, $100/Day, $150/wknd

All of the data of the Aim Solo  + vehicle sensor data for even further in-depth data review.  (AIM Solo DL)

Data Reporting/Driver Coaching

$50/Session, $175/Day, $250/wknd

We sit down and go through your data/video with you and work to improve lap times. An easy to read report included.

Other Track Demos

Helmet Rental (including sock) $20/day
Cell phone mount $15/day

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