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The new Club Series cooling shirt supports over 80 ft. of cooling veins. The veins are constructed of a matte fire-resistant, self-extinguishing PVC compound developed by the US Military for maximum durability and longevity.

The Club Series is Sectioned into separate cooling zones evenly distributed across the torso. Each vein “refreshes” the coolant that has been exposed to body heat, chilling it and returning to the body again, moving body heat away cooling the body and core.

This design targets the most vital regions of the human body – the front and back of the torso – lowering the body temperature at the core rather than super chilling the surface of the skin. Systems that utilize ice and water are often too cold for efficient cooling. When freezing temperatures come into contact with the skin’s surface, capillaries just below the surface close, numbing the skin and slowing blood flow.

The design of the Club Series cooling shirt combined with the 20 liters of fluid pumped per minute by the Quantum Cooler enables the system to run at a closer temperature to ambient, resulting in a more efficient and effective system all together -cooling to the core.

Featuring dry-release hose connectors, spillage isn’t an issue because the coolant flow stops when disconnected.

***Our shirts require a Dual Prong Connector to connect to our system. Shirts do not come with any connectors.***


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